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Trenching and Backfilling Integrated Machine

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Trenching and Backfilling Integrated Machine


Máquina para zanjas y rellenos


Trenching and Backfilling Integrated Machine

Uses: a wide range of applications, simple structure, low cost, easy to disassemble and disassemble, trenching and laying pipes (water pipes, mutual pipes), burying cables, natural gas pipelines, fruit forest ditching and fertilization, yam loosening soil, grape burying vines. 
2: parameters: 1 matching tractor power: 30 Murray 120 horsepower. 
2 working speed: 150-500m/h. 
3 trench width: 15, 20, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100cm. 
4 trench depth: 0-240cm. 
5 gearshift: hydraulic and mechanical options. 
Note: the above trench width, ditch depth and matching tractor models can be adjusted separately according to the needs of users. 
Transmission device: hydraulic and mechanical options. 
Third, the main features of the trenching machine: the purchase of the machine, less investment, quick results, a machine is dozens of times of manual, several times of small excavator. 
1 the ditching machine is of good quality. 
The trench can be narrow to 10 centimeters and more than 2 meters deep, and the ditch is straight, the wall is steep, and several times the size of manual work and excavator. 
2 good quality and long life. 
Cutting blades and chains are made of special materials with long service life. 
3High efficiency. 
Compared with manual and excavator, it has higher working efficiency (3-5 times that of excavator) and economic benefit, especially in the case of digging narrow deep trench (buried pipe or buried cable), the working effect of this machine is more outstanding. 
The whole machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance. 
If the matching tractor does not have ultra-low speed (crawling gear), our unit can transform it and install ultra-low-speed device.

I: Utilización: Amplia gama de aplicaciones, estructura simple, bajo costo, fácil de usar desmontaje y montaje, zanja y colocación de tuberías (tuberías de agua, tuberías mutuas), enterrar cables, tuberías de gas natural, bosque de frutas zanja y fertilización, ñame aflojamiento, uva enterrar vides.

Dos: parámetros: ① potencia del tractor de acoplamiento: 30-120 caballos de fuerza.

         ② velocidad de trabajo: 150-500m/h

         ③ ancho de zanja: 15, 20, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100cm

         ④ Profundidad de zanja: 0-240cm

         ⑤ dispositivo de cambio de velocidad: hidráulico, mecánico dos opciones.

Nota: La anchura, la profundidad y el modelo de tractor anteriores pueden ajustarse según las necesidades de los usuarios. Dispositivo de transmisión: hidráulica, mecánica dos opciones

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