A basic introduction to the disc trenching machine?



Disc trenching machine is of course very common in our life. 
Because its advantages are more prominent, so more people choose to use it. 
Today, I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce the basic introduction of the disc trenching machine. 
If you want to know, come and have a look. 
We need to know more basic information before using the disc trenching machine, after all, there are many knowledge points involved. 
For example, the disc trenching machine is a new type of efficient and practical trenching device. 
After the diesel engine transmits the rotation to the clutch through the belt, it drives the walking gearbox, transmission shaft, rear axle and so on, so as to realize the forward or backward linear movement of the trenching machine. 
Generally speaking, it is mainly used for laying farmland pipes, urban and rural fiber optic cables and so on. 
Now, mainly because of the economic development, the number of underground pipelines and electrical (optical) cable laying projects have increased rapidly, and the quality requirements have been improved. 
Manual excavation is not only inefficient, the quality of trench excavation is poor, can not meet the requirements of "minimally invasive". 
Therefore, the disc trenching machine is a new type of trenching equipment, which is specifically used for laying farmland pipes, urban and rural optical cables and other mechanical equipment. 
When it is running, it mainly transfers the rotation of the diesel engine in the power system to the reducer. 
The box in the deceleration system drives the main sprocket installed on it through a quadruple belt, and the main sprocket drives the meshing chain to rotate. 
The cutter of the disc trenching machine is installed on the chain. 
Driven by the power system, the chain drives the tool rotation and translation, thus realizing trenching. 
By using the chain trenching machine described in this scheme, the same depth, uniform width and adjustable size of the trench can be realized, and the excavation quality and efficiency can be greatly improved. 
The chain trench digger uses a power range of 60 to 140 horsepower. 
In order to dig ditches of different widths, they can be converted into single-chain and double-chain. 
The width of the excavation ranges from 13 to 55 centimeters and the depth can reach 1.5 meters. 
The utility model is characterized in that the mining speed can reach 500-700m/h, the failure rate is low, and the utility model is simple and practical. 
The disc trenching machine is mainly composed of transmission pulley, transmission shaft, transmission gear box, knife shaft and frame. 
The disc trenching machine is mainly used with the tractor, which is driven by the power of the tractor to dig the trench. 
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The above article we tell you about the basic introduction of the disc trenching machine, if you do not understand, then hurry to take a look. 
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