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When the trenching machine turns at the head of the field, it should first cut off the walking power, then cut off the power of the trenching machine, and forcefully lift the handframe to make the knife tip off the ground, and then join the walking power, how much is the chain trenching machine, in order to prevent the small and medium throttle from turning in the field. 
The trenching machine is the equipment used to dig ditches. Compared with the previous manual excavation, the Shiyan chain trenching machine saves more time and effort, improves the efficiency several times, and saves costs. If you need the trenching machine, you can pay attention to Gaotang Xinhang. Here is Gaotang Xinhang to introduce the relevant knowledge of the yam trenching machine. 
The trenching machine of Chinese yam is edited and defined as a trenching machine based on planting yam and burdock. 
Classified according to the number of spirals: single-screw yam trenching machine and double-helical trenching machine. 
The working application of the Chinese yam trenching machine requires very small traction power, so the tractor with less power can be used to build deeper and larger cross-section ditches, and the ditch is neat, loose and convex, so it is convenient to plant yam without trimming. 
The structure is simple. 
The depth is 1.2-1.8 meters, which is convenient for yam growth, and the width and depth of spiral trenching machine are certain, which is convenient for yam growth and excavation. 
The speed is about 200 meters per hour. 
Trenching machine is mainly used to dig ditches of equipment, with the development of life, social progress, the application will be more and more, any equipment will have its advantages and disadvantages, the following by Gaotang Xinhang Machinery to take you to understand! 
Although there are still many types of trenching machines on the market, which chain trenching machine is good, no matter which one is there are some inherent disadvantages of the equipment itself. although the efficiency of the trenching machine on the market is relatively high, but weak is used in relatively narrow ditches, then you will find that in such an equipment there will be the phenomenon of overuse. 
In addition, when you are using a tractor to operate, your own speed is relatively high, so if the chain in the machine does not match the machine, it is more likely to cause the chain to break. 
The staff of the fiberglass water tank remind everyone not to damage the trenching machine when you use it, otherwise the cost of maintenance is relatively high. 
Trenching machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, we all know that whenever machinery is involved, we need regular inspection and maintenance. Ditching machine has a very important position in the opening channel, so where do you mainly pay attention when buying trenching machine? 
Next, let Shandong Gaotang Xinhang take you to know it! 
Dehydrator manufacturers told you that if the appearance of the trenching machine is found to be lack of paint, or serious scratches and other problems, we need to pay special attention to, this is not a qualified product. 
For the trenching machine, there will be aging or wear in the process of operation, chain trenching machine manufacturers, resulting in can not be used, so it is necessary to maintain it, lubricate the excavated parts regularly, and clean the excavated blades to prevent rust.