Matters needing attention of trenching machine



Matters needing attention of trenching machine. 
1. Before the trenching operation, the tractor and the supporting trenching machine should be checked comprehensively, especially the connection should be firm. 
2. Check the flange connection of the plate after 20 hours of operation. 
3. The width and depth of the trench meet the technological requirements when the trench is opened to a qualified straightness. 
The qualified channel is not only related to the adjustment accuracy of the equipment, but also to the correct operation and proficiency of the operators. 
4. Choose the knife head material according to the ground condition, use the knife head on the asphalt road or cement ground, and use the welding knife on the hard soil ground. 
Head cutters are recommended. 
5. When working, drivers should wear protective glasses to prevent soil from splashing into the glasses and cause injury. 
(6) the selection of drivers who understand technology and repair, especially drivers who understand mechanical principles, is very important for the management, use, maintenance and repair of the trenching machine. 
Singapore Airlines Machinery warm Tip: the service life of the knife head is about 10 kilometers. Please contact and replace it in advance according to the amount of work, so as not to affect the construction period.