Singapore Airlines trench opener with you, meet in Qingdao, win-win future.



In the golden autumn, China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition will be held in Qingdao World Expo City International Exhibition Center from October 30 to November 1, 2019. 
Singapore Airlines invites dealers and customers from all over the country to Qingdao at the F5100 and F5101 booths.

The 2019 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition will be held in Qingdao World Expo City International Exhibition Center.


    Singapore Airlines Machinery is one of the main production bases of domestic trenching machines. With the development of the times, the disc trenching machines, chain trenching machines, trenching fertilizer and soil covering machines produced by SIA Machinery have reached a higher level in China. With the continuous innovation and exploration of SIA Machinery in the industry, the mechanical quality produced by the enterprise has been recognized by the majority of customers.

So far, the development of ditching machines has always put quality first and has a strong sense of competition. Under the continuous research and innovation of researchers, higher domestic agricultural machinery products have been produced. At present, Singapore Airlines machinery has entered the international market. At present, the ditching machines, fertilizers, earth covering machines and other mechanical equipment developed by Singapore Airlines Machinery sell well at home and abroad. 
Widely used in orchards, fields, construction, water conservancy, railways, highways, construction and other industries, is a very popular domestic infrastructure enterprises.


Shandong Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of trenching machines. under the increasingly fierce competition in the machinery industry, the enterprise has not been eliminated because of the competition and to a higher level, mainly because the enterprise has a unique business philosophy. Quality is given priority to, service as a supplement, to ensure that the ex-factory machine parts are up to the standard, not only by new and old customers at home, but also by foreign businessmen.

Singapore Airlines Machinery tailor-made R & D and production products according to the different needs of customers, efficient and durable, convenient and flexible, simple operation and convenient maintenance. 
Thus the energy consumption is reduced and the comprehensive utilization rate is improved.

SIA Machinery is in constant efforts; under the reputation of the majority of new and old customers, it is believed that SIA Machinery will reach a new high in the near future. 
Address: East head of Quanlin Road, Gaotang County, Shandong Province (Shandong Gaotang Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd.)